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A blast from the past
Standing left to right: John Vranna, Lowell Britton, Joe Koffler, 
Kneeling: left to right: Francis Winch, Cliff Morken.
Photo date unknown. Courtesy of Richard Koffler, Dickinson, ND.

The picture was taken in the sub-basement shooting range located in the lower level of the Dickinson Community Center that also served as the National Guard Armory. The picture was taken circa 1956.
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Practical D.O.P.E. - Long Range Shooting Technique
National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF Published on May 10, 2012
Does your child know what to do if he or she finds a gun?

The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program is a gun accident prevention program that seeks to help parents, law enforcement, community groups and educators navigate a topic paramount to our children’s safety. Eddie and his Wing Team are on a mission to help you teach Pre-K through 4th graders what to do if they ever come across a gun…

If you're interested in bringing the NRA Eddie the Eagle program to your local school or organization contact Alanna Tomjack at 701-690-9149.
Approximately 100,000 free stickers were distributed at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas. These stickers were designed to cover up the YETI name on YETI coolers. They show that you stand with the NRA Foundation after YETI made the political decision to stop doing business with the NRA Foundation.