Range use
Only approved targets are allowed. 
• Projectile/bullet containment. It is the ultimate responsibility of every shooter to ensure that the projectiles fired on their boundaries. Cross-firing at targets is not acceptable.  directly in front of the shooter, is unsafe and is not permitted.
• Shooting will be permitted at standard paper targets only. Shooting at glass  objects, exploding targets, pyrotechnic devices, etc. is prohibited. 
• All targets should be secured on the target frames set downrange. 
• Personal target holders/frames are allowed but should be removed by the shooter when finished.
• Shooting shotguns at target holders is not allowed. It destroys the target backer
(this is where you tape your targets) and ruins it for the next shooter.

• Uncontrolled rapid fire anfd full auto firing of any firearms is not permitted
• Clay targets are allowed.
• All shooters must carry out their own refuse.

• Range use is limited to daylight hours only
•Shooting after dark is not allowed

• Tannerite and other binary explosives are not allowed. 
• Shooters should remove all targets and litter from the range at the end of their shooting session. This includes all spent shotgun hulls and centerfire casings.

Shooting steel gongs
• Minimum recommended shooting distance with a handgun is 25 yards and 100 yards with a rifle.   It is always better to shoot from farther away and move in closer while checking targets for impact damage, such as cratering.
• Be extremely cautious when shooting full metal jackets in calibers like 7.62x39 or higher at steel targets. 

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Be advised a range safety officer is not present at all times

1. Use of eye and ear protection is required by all persons while on the firing line (shooters, spotters, range officers, etc.).

2. All uncased firearms carried to and from the firing line must be empty of ammunition and actions open.

3. No alcohol allowed. 

4. All vehicles must be parked in the parking area.

5. Club members only. Guests will be allowed to shoot once, and then they must apply for membership.

6. Plinking at bottles and cans is prohibited.

7. All refuse/targets will be removed by each shooter before the leave the range.

8. Open use of the range is prohibited during league functions.

9. Minors allowed only with an adult club member. Unsupervised minors will be asked to leave.

10. Armor piercing bullets and tracers are prohibited.

11. SAFETY FIRST. Report all unsafe activities to the range officer.

12. Range use is limited to daylight hours only. 

13. Uncontrolled rapid fire and full auto fire is not permitted.
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The Four Rules of Gun Safety
1. All guns are always loaded. (Treat them so!)

2. Never point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target (and you have made the decision to shoot).

4. Be sure of your target and beyond.
Slope Area Rifle and Pistol Club - PO Box 493 - Dickinson, ND 58602
Squad photo - USPSA 2022 Greater Yellowstone Championships, Baker, MT.

Our thanks to the Fallon County Shooting Range for hosting the Greater Yellowstone Section Match. They did a great job and we had a wonderful time shooting with them.
The following members shot in the match. Dan Brown, Connor Cox, Kaden Cox, Jeremy Cox, and Jerry Obrigewitsch. 
Congratulations to Connor Cox and Dan Brown.
Connor is shown receiving a team challenge coin from Rondre Baluyot, USAF Shooting Team. Connor was the lone junior shooter in our squad.
Dan won 1st Place in the Super Senior Division (65 and older). Dan's plaque will be corrected to show the correct year (2022).
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